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    Wages and salaries paid in silver !

    Because, frankly, it's time.

    Sometimes, the simple things in life, like getting paid in real money, are a bit elusive.


    SILVER SALARY is here to fix that.


    The most important thing to know is that this service is a gifting service.


    As an employee...


    ...this service allows you to be the receiver of precious metal from a third party, maybe that's your employer. Be aware though...we don't just do this for employer/employee relationships. We'll set this in motion for any body wanting payment in silver/gold from any agreeable payer.


    As an employer...


    ... this service allows you to reward anyone, in gold and silver. You are purchasing precious metal (GST free) and using it to reward another party.


    And again... we'll set this in motion for any body wanting to pay anyone else in silver/gold.